Building Business with Blogs

It is easier than ever to start a blog, but it is both difficult and rewarding to do it effectively. Before tackling the tactic, online vendors need to consider the pros and cons, because although the return can be substantial, the investment is not inconsiderable.
The advantage to blogging are simple. A blog can,”establish you as a ‘subject matter expert’ in your field, improve your visibility to search engines, help you connect with customers on a more personal level, provide your customers with information and support, and create new ways for people to find you.

Blogging take time.
It takes time to come up with ideas for content. it takes time to write post. Moreover, posting frequently and at regular intervals is a must when building reader base.

Blogging requires valuable content.
A real advantage of a blog is the chance to become a known expert, but experts have knowledgeable things to talk about. A blog is a soapbox, and a blogger has to have opinions and information to share.

Blogging works best with communication skills.
Blogs are written platforms, and making blog post means writing a short article.

Blogging done poorly can backfire.
A blog that is set up, but never updated, is an admission that the ownerdoes not care. Bogging also backfires when the quality is low, or when the content is overfilled with links clearly intended to boost search engine results. According to Michelle Rodger, author of “Content is King on Websites”,”SEO-led sites can often become ugly, designed for Google crawlers, with keywords,tags and links forced in, and finding the content you want can become a painfully drawn-out process. Users (and Google) will spot content that is overly optimized and just turn off. No one wants to read a site where the text is full of internal links.”
Several online service providers offer free blogging platforms that do not require a high level of technology expertise. Among those to consider are Blogger, Posterous, and WordPress. The last choice also offers the flexibility to host your blog entirely on your own service provider with your domain. Where you have full control over look, feel, and traffic reporting. WordPress can also be somewhat more technically daunting for those who make full ose of the customization features. According to Amazon’s Chris Brucia, quoted on, “Creating a space that customers will want to visit regularly means first and foremost that the content is very,very good”. Keep the bar high on content and make sure to tackle the issues that matter to your visitors.
Peter Alexander, writer for, offers some useful advice about blog content. “Make it useful. When you offer helpful tips and links to other resources on the web, your readers will be more inclined to tell others about your blog. For instance, have you read new book that’s relevant to your reader’s interest? If so, write a short review of that book in your blog,” he says. Alexander also suggest a light marketing touch with readers, because a hard sell or blatant booster-ism can alienate readers.
Finally remember that your blog is a way to connect to your readers and potential customers. As Rodger recommends, “Write the best possible content in the first place and don’t write for search engines or web crawlers. Know your audience and write for human beings.

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